Monday, June 20, 2016

The Positive Benefits of Using Follinique

For many people, hair loss is really a stressful experience, which certainly can affect their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Thick hair is often associated with attractiveness, so it is totally understandable that people, who started to lose hair, want to stop it and regain lost hair. Here, we will speak about Follinique, a preparation which main ingredient is minoxidil (2%), a solution which is used as a treatment for hair loss.

Minoxidil in solution is the first drug for the treatment of hair loss, which was approved by the US Food Drug Administration (FDA). Its effectiveness varies from person to person, until someone gets back even thicker hair while others may experience only a mild effect of this solution. It can also be more efficient for young people and people who have just noticed hair loss, i.e. if you noticed hair loss over the past 4-5 years, now is the time to start the treatment with Follinique.

How Does Follinique Work?
How minoxidil affects the hair growth has not been fully revealed, but it is known that this drug inhibits the dihidrotestpsteron, which actually causes hereditary hair loss. When DHT is collected, hair follicles become smaller and produce thinner hair, and also it needs more time to produce the hair. Over time, the hair follicle becomes completely unusable.

To be effective, Follinique should be used twice a day, so it is rubbed on the skin at the place where you want to restore hair growth, for at least 2 months. Minoxidil 2% is recommended for women.
  • It nurtures and nourishes the hair root and scalp.
  • It activates the hair roots and stimulates its growth.
  •  It prevents creation of dandruff.
  • It removes excess fat from the skin of the head and hair.
  • It prevents hair loss. 
  • It thoroughly clean the scalp and strengthen hair roots.
  •  It does not irritate and dry out the hair and scalp.
Follinique is specially formulated to beneficial prevent premature hair loss and thinning hair with its active ingredient, minoxidil (2%).

Why should you use Follinique?
·       It is easy to use.
·       It reactivates follicles.
·       It promotes hair regrowth.
·       It is clinically proven.
·       It gives you fast results.

There is a realistic effect in relation to the colorful advertisements and products from the supermarket that promise miracles. So, if you suffer from the problem of hair loss, it is worth to give the chance to this product.