Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Learn About Fighter Abs 2.0 by Andrew Raposo

If you are wanting to get abs like a fighter, you should try Fighter Abs 2.0. There are three phases to this program. First is the foundation phase. Second is the ab revealing phase. Third is the final perfection phase.

The foundation phase is where you get your metabolism going so that you can burn fat. You will do full body exercises that engage your core just like fighters engage their core. Your body will then start to use your T4 and T3 hormones which help you to burn fat.

The ab revealing phase is where you start to see your belly fat going away and your to start abs showing. Every exercise will progress so that you don't hit a plateau and continue to get rid of the fat on your stomach.

The final perfection phase is where you will do exercises that target your lower belly so that you can start seeing your lower abs. You will be doing higher intense fighter conditioning drills and advanced ab shredding movements. After this last phase you should see a flat midsection and your abs.

The workouts that you will be introduced to should take only 15 minutes or less to do and they require no equipment. This is nice because you can do them in your own home or while you are on vacation. The exercises are pretty easy to do and just about anyone can do them. Men and women can do them. Also once you do the exercises your metabolism will be high so you can eat basically anything that you want.

The video that you will be watching that shows you the exercises may make you feel like you are being personally coached. The coaching on the videos makes sure that you get the benefits from every rep exercise that you perform. You will learn the techniques you need to use that fighters use for getting abs quickly.

Many people have used this exercise and have said that they were able to drop weight from their stomachs faster than they would have on their own. People have also said that it is easy to follow along and you will learn a lot about training abs. One has even seen results such as a slim waist, a better posture, and an increase in core strength.

So check out the Fighter Abs 2.0 video if you want abs like a fighter.


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